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Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

Been working on some creative smoke photos.  These would make great prints to hang at your house.  Just saying.    

Saturday night. To the club.

The last few weeks i’ve been shooting at a pretty sweet club in Niagara Falls called Blush.  Check out the photos here!    

Where has summer gone???

What a great summer this has been! Met some amazing new clients that will sure be coming back for more. Was part of the opening of a great new club in Niagara Falls and done quite a few weddings, christenings and birthday parties! Here are a few highlights! More to come! If you are looking [...]

Happy summer!!

Again another positive update! What a great summer this has been! So many new clients that i’m sure will be back again! Will be launching a summer special shortly! Come back soon!  


Foxy Fashion Show Highlights

What a great event this was! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the local vendors and designers.  Even met a super nice and wonderful singer – Tatyana D’Voce.

happy belated pancake day!

how is everyone?  this has been a very busy season.  it has been great! met some dancers, sponsored a cycling team, donated a shoot to a charity auction, shot great live acts like Megadeth, Monster Truck and the Sheepdogs, photographed in a dungeon, shot and booked another baby shower as well as a Communion.  Wow.  [...]


big boots and black tutus

Take a ride on over here and check out the latest addition to the Royal Bus Series.

today’s super awesome shoot

i’ve said it before and i’ll probably say it again. sunday’s rock for photos sessions. worked with an old new client today. had a great day aside from at the end of the shoot stepping on a giant nail.  Bettie sprung to action and yanked it out of my foot!

A twilight shoot with Rebecca

This shoot was great. Found a great Art Retreat with a wide range of curious areas to explore.

Thank you to Serenity Hart for stopping by…

and having a great shoot today.

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