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What have I been up to you ask?

So much! Pulp Comics 2014 Charity Car Wash Calendar “Tresspass for Art” sessions Inked girls sessions Niagara Falls and Welland landmark photos Art shows with the Black Lantern Experience Musician/Artist/Band videos including the crazy Bam Margera! and more! Here are some of the photos from those sessions.      

where rails meet water

I am pleased to be taking my photography in another direction.  As much as I loved the studio and the business side of it, it was not my true passion.  Making art is the direction that I will be heading in.  I have been asked to participate in a number of art shows and display [...]

Skating USA

Caught some kids skating yesterday on a photowalk. If the skaters read this thanks they came out great and go like my Facebook page and check out more cool shots!

Happy New Year!

I spent this new years eve shooting at Blush and Jack’s in Niagara Falls. Great night! Here are some of the photos….for more head on over to Lucky 73′s Facebook page!  And be sure to LIKE the page!

Halloween At Blush Lounge in Niagara Falls

Wow what a great night! Almost everyone was dress up in great costumes! For more photos click here and go on over to my Facebook page!  

Glad to be a part of history in the making….

Today was the day Pulp Comics relocated to a massive new location.  Had a great time and saw a lot of awesome people. Here are a few samples but to see more go to Facebook!  Give the main page a like while you are there!    

Blush? Were you there?

Another awesome Saturday night shooting at Blush Lounge in Niagara Falls.  Also been a very busy last few weeks. Still keeping up a steady shooting schedule as well as getting the Studio/Gallery ready to open.  As always you can see more Blush photos here! Here are a few recently highlights….    

Saturday night. To the club.

The last few weeks i’ve been shooting at a pretty sweet club in Niagara Falls called Blush.  Check out the photos here!    

WOW!!! Tightroping over Niagara Falls!

Had an amazing day at Niagara Falls today. Hung around the area where Nik Wallenda became the first man to walk across a tightrope over Niagara Falls. More pictures will be posted eventually but I had to get this up!

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